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Softening agents are one of the finishing agents which give softness, better drape, cutting and sewing qualities to fabric. It is popularly defined as any substance or device that is able to eliminate or inactive hard-water minerals commonly found in water supplies. During dyeing process on woven, fiber, yarn, woven or knitted fabrics, softening agents are widely used. Normally they will be applied on the materials at the last stage of dyeing process. Softening agents are carried out when the softness characteristics of a certain fabric must be improved.

Our product line comprises:

  • Substantive preparation and softening agents based on organic esterquats, amidoamine or imidazolinium quats and siloxane quats.
  • Non-substantive polyether, alkyl/polyether, polyeher/epoxy and polyether/amino siloxane softeners.
  • Hydrophilic softeners and preparation aids. High concentration products.
  • High flash and animal or vegetable based versions.

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