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HK700 is a releasing agent used for coating bead part of green case, which reduces defects of

bead position faults by helping the green case to be in right position of vulcanizing machine just

before vulcanizing.


1. Excellent lubricative property helping the green case to be in right position of vulcanizing


2. Convenient to use and being coated evenly due to excellent wetting and defoaming ability.

3. Stable releasing ability with stability in storage.

4. Harmless to human body.


Test item

Measurement value

Test condition

Specific gravity

0.95 – 1.05



6 – 8



10 – 16

105?, 2hr

Antifoam agent silicone oil based Defoamer: Silicon_Antifoam_agent
Chemical name: Liquid defoaming agent
Item No:LXP-1
The liquid defoaming agent for drilling fluid is a king of excellent drilling fluid defoaming agent.
It’s the product of organic silicone oil,dispersing agent and a variety of active substances after the high temperature reaction
Product features
It can quickly in the bubble surface to form a new liquid membrane and defoaming;
The inhibit time is long,and stable performance;Has strong adsorption;
Has good thermal stability,and it can be used in deep well and extra-deep well;
Has good compatibility with treating agent,it can be applied to all kinds of drilling completion fluid;
Non-toxic,environmentally friendly.

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